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Find tranquility on the sandy shores of Exuma, Bahamas, where the gentle waves meet the soft sand. Unwind, relax, and escape to serenity with
Aquaquest Escapes!


Sep 2023 • Couples

Great Excursion

This excursion was one of the best we have ever been on. We did the full-day excursion and would highly recommend it. Not only did we get to see the beautiful islands and water in Exuma the crew was friendly and knowledgeable. This is a must do when visiting Exuma.

Jul 2023

Fantastic trip with Aquaquest

We had such an amazing time on our full day excursion with Aquaquest. Our guides were Anton and Jay and they were fantastic. We got to swim with pigs, swim with sharks, feed wild iguana and snorkel in Thunderball Grotto. Every experience was awesome! And it was so amazing that all of those things could be done in a single day trip. While in route to our first stop, Anton stopped the boat and jumped out to dive for conch that he used to make conch salad for our lunch, talk about fresh from the sea! Both Anton and Jay were always looking out to make it a great experience, whether calling to the pigs and somehow convincing all of them to come over to our boat even though there were several other boats right near us, or keeping us stocked with crackers for the iguanas and showing us how to safely hold the sharks and get them to come over. They knew exactly what to do. I really can't say enough good things about what a great experience it was, it was worth every penny. Thanks for such an awesome experience!

Nov 2022

Fantastic trip with Aquaquest

My ‘kids’ rated this as the best day out they have ever had, The whole day is excellent… boat, management and crew.

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